S is for Serendipity

a-to-z-letters-sLike the word nonplussed, serendipity is one of those words that is often misused and misconstrued.

Today, it seems to have been watered down to the point well people employ the word to mean a case of good luck or good fortune or when something happens unexpectedly and the result is a positive one.

However, serendipity really means to stumble across something positive when you are not looking for it, or when you’re actually looking for something else.

I love the sound of the word and to be able to say that something was/is serendipitous would be wonderful. I love that there’s an ice cream parlour in New York (never been to it but have heard about it) called Serendipity. Even though it was completely sappy I also thought that movie with John Cusack called Serendipity was quite sweet. Of course I’ve never met a John Cusack movie I didn’t like.

But the truth is, when it comes to serendipity I’m not sure if I’ve ever been able to employ the word in its correct form. I’ve scanned my addled brain and can’t recall a time when I was actively seeking something else and stumbled across something else instead that turned out to be wonderful.


So, while I like the word, the sound of it and the concept, I’m still unable to employ it myself. Have any of you had a serendipitous experience? If so, please share it. Maybe it will jog my brain and remind me that at some point in my life I did indeed have a moment of serendipity.

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  1. I think we may have experienced serendipity. When we first thought to move abroad we planned on the Caribbean but Google search keep bringing up ads for Brazil eventually we had a look and the more we researched the more we liked. We’ve lived in Brazil since 2007 because of Google, our serendipity moment.

    maggie at expat brazil

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