How I learned to stop fearing fruit and eat pie

The pie test – not to be confused with Pi (but I do like the pie with Pi)** RCB ** / Foter / CC BY

Ever felt you had an entrenched habit that couldn’t be broken? I recommend the pie test:

I hate cooked fruit. There. I said it. Fruit compote (aka fruit compost), fruit soup, and pies. Especially apple pies. And peach and pear and any other fruit you put in a pie. Fruit is meant to be eaten fresh, no? And I don’t have to be as “American as Apple Pie” because, well, I’m not American. Anyway, for as long as I can remember, I’ve hated pie. Especially apple pie.

Except for berries. I don’t know why. What makes you think logic plays any part in this? I don’t mind berries in a pie. I love a raspberry, strawberry, blueberry or blackberry pie as much as the next pie lover. Just don’t put apples, or peaches or pears or ANY OTHER FRUIT in it. So, you get the picture, yes?

Well, the other day the bf asked me to bake an apple pie. No way, I said because a) have I mentioned I hate pie? Especially apple? and b) I’ve never cooked one. But later that day, I thought, oh, why not? Again, don’t ask me why I thought this. Please leave all logic at the door, here. It will make things easier for everyone. Thank you.

So, as I was saying, I decided to bake an apple pie. Well, an apple tart, really. (Too lazy to make a crust on top). And I didn’t make mooshy shmooshy apple pie (if those aren’t real words, they should be). I baked the tart just long enough to cook the apples but to the point where they weren’t soggy.  And the bf LOVED it. Forced me to try it. And, I actually kind of liked it. I was amazed that I had baked an apple pie (tart) without tasting it and it was pretty darn good. I had a piece! Whoa.. It did NOT taste like gelatinous goop, or baby food or mushy fruit compote.

And then a friend came over and tasted it and said it was DELICIOUS. Clearly I must stop tasting my food while cooking. That must be the secret. Unfortunately, that pie was demolished so quickly I never took a photo of it.

And then the bf challenged me to make a berry pie WITH apples. So that’s what I did (not on the same day, of course not!). I’m not crazy (much).  And it was delicious too. Two independent tasters offered this verdict. And THIS time we took a picture.

So here I am, 1950s housewife at your service. Did I mention I also made custard to go with it?

The berry pie (tart?)
The berry pie (tart?)

You may think that all I do is make sweets. But that’s not true. I cook other things too (only vegetarian, though). Here’s a pic of the homemade pizzas from the other night (yes, that’s veggie pepperoni you see).

Homemade veggie pizza
Homemade veggie pizza

So, I’ve discovered I can eat pies made with fruit as long as they’re not mushy. Who knew?

What long entrenched beliefs of yours have been shattered lately?


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