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rwa-130wMy name is Kelly Hartog and I’m a left-brain and a right-brain writer. I’m a journalist, editor, reporter, fiction writer, short story writer, attempting to live the writing dream in sunny California. I’m also a trained actress, and a theatre director and I’ve lived in four countries (England, Australia, Israel, and America) and have an accent with an identity crisis.

WFWA-130wI work as a writer and editor for newspapers, magazines and online publications around the globe. I’ve covered news, politics, religion, arts, entertainment et al for The Jerusalem Post in Israel where I lived for 11 years; survived an Al Qaeda suicide bombing attack in Kenya. I currently work as reporter for The New York Post and The Daily Mail.

Until August 30, 2010, I lived with my adorable Golden Retriever, Bridget. She passed away at the age of 13 and a half, from cancer. I’d had her from when she was seven weeks old.

img_0387My screen name is after my favourite writer of all time, Charlotte, NOT Emily as I believe Emily was a one-hit wonder. You may beg to differ and that’s fine by me. Charlotte was the ultimate forward-thinking female writer in my humble opinion. That’s why my new Golden Retriever, whom I got at 8 weeks old in January 2011 is named Bronte. She has her own blog here – Bronte’s Blog.

I also had bunion surgery in 2011 and chronicled my experiences for others undergoing the process at a separate blog you can read here, entitled: Not Another Bunion Surgery Blog.