Safety Net

(Safety Net is my current work in progress)




Felicity Jacobs is living the American dream. An Australian transplant to Los Angeles, she’s engaged to the love of her life, Jordy Miller, and adores her internship as a costume designer at the Los Angeles Opera. But when Jordy suddenly dies, it’s her best friend Will who offers her a safety net.

A fellow Antipodean whose “Aussie Pub Grub” restaurants are a hit with the L.A. locals, Will envelops Felicity with warm pastry crusts, and in a bizarre turn of events, offer her his hand in marriage.

Why would Felicity accept William’s proposal when she’s still grieving the loss of her fiancé? In order to answer that question, Felicity will have to unravel the secrets Jordy left behind, and find a way to carry on in the world on her own terms, without a safety net.