Chasing the Limelight

(Chasing the Limelight is currently out on submission to agents)

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

A  tabloid journalist armed with nothing more than slim lead and a stray dog, heads to a tiny seaside town in the hopes of uncovering the scoop of the century. But she hasn’t bargained on the town’s tight-knit residents who will test her resolve at every turn.

Pearl Davis crossed the pond from England to America to write for one of Los Angeles’ most notorious online tabloid journals. Three years later she’s poised to take on the managing editor position but only if she can prove herself to her tyrannical boss, by tracking down a famous author who went into hiding two years earlier.

Seventy-year-old Joseph Polk is an American icon having written two mystery novels a year since the late ‘70s. No one has any idea why he suddenly fell off the face of the earth. Pearl’s efforts lead her to the tiny seaside town of Harlequin Cove in Southern Maine where she finds herself distracted by the local doctor David Sheehan, who has secrets of his own to hide.

But when Pearl finally discovers the true story behind Polk’s disappearance, she’ll be forced to decide: sell the story or sell her soul?