Need help with your manuscript?

Aside from being a long-term newspaper editor (for over 20 years), I also currently work as a developmental editor/book coach at Author Accelerator, helping writers see their books come to fruition.

Author Accelerator was founded by author and book coach Jennie Nash, and I also work privately with some of her clients.

In addition, I provide copyediting services for Archangel Ink, a small online press.

Below are the private services I offer:

Manuscript Evaluation

I will read your entire novel as a whole and highlight areas where your book needs strengthening, focusing on plotting, pacing, where there may be missed opportunities or areas that need clarifying.

Developmental editing

I will read your entire novel line by line and highlight potential issues in your book that require more focus. These can include anything from storytelling, characterization, pacing and plot development, to setting, dialogue, pacing and continuity.

Copyediting and proofreading

No developmental or structural edits. This is just to make sure your manuscript is ready for submission. I will look solely at grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and formatting.

Free five page assessment

If you’re unsure whether you’re ready to invest the time and money in an editor, I will provide a free assessment of the first five pages of your manuscript. This will let you know how much work you still need to do and if you’d like to move forward with my services.

Note: All editing is done in Word and using track changes so that you can see the markups clearly. This feature also allows you to individually accept or reject any changes to your manuscript. All editing is based on the standard 250 words per page.

Because this may be your first foray into hiring an editor, my rates are not exorbitant, but I believe they are fair. I’m happy to work with you to discuss a rate and a program that can fit within your budget. Please email me for more information. In the message box please include the following:

  1. The length of your manuscript (word count and number of pages)
  2. Your manuscript’s genre
  3. Provide a three-to-four line synopsis of your book


For me, the most important element in a writer-editor relationship is trust. I have that trust in Kelly. She gets exactly what I’m aiming for in my work, but never lets me off the hook. She’s the voice in my head, and she is making me a better writer.

– Susan Setteducato

If you are writing, or thinking about writing a book, I urge you to talk to Kelly. As a first time writer I had no idea how important it was to have someone with Kelly’s professional skills to provide the expert guidance that she offers. Kelly’s feedback and advice is concise and relevant, and most of all, she helped me transform my writing from a rough draft full of editorial blunders to a polished manuscript that any agent/publisher would be happy to consider. Kelly is passionate about her work and without her editorial feedback, my book would still be floundering.

– Mike Dowd, Australia

Kelly is a fantastic editor. She has helped me clarify, develop, and enhance the major themes of my work. She has helped ensure the scenes and content in my story clearly express the experiences I hope will engage and move the reader.  Kelly’s focus on every detail of my story has added richness and power to my work. I will continue to work with her and highly recommend her.

– Larry Chroman

Kelly has been the best thing that has happened to my writing. She’s been instrumental in helping me find the story of my novel and the voice that will carry it. In the four months I’ve been working with her, I’ve made more progress than in the 10 years I spent going to writers conferences and participating in workshops and writers groups.

– Jennifer King