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I’ll show you my writing space, will you show me yours?

virginia woolf
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AKA: A Room of One’s Own. Thank you Virginia Woolf.

I recently moved.  Moving day itself was fairly painless. It was the six weeks of packing and shlepping and organising that were utterly brutal. But we’ve all been there, we’ve all done it. And we’ve all (I hope) lived to tell the tale.

It’s not like I don’t know how to move. I’ve moved homes, cities, streets, heck, even countries more times than I care to remember. As kids, our parents would come into our bedrooms with two large tea chests and say: “Whatever fits, goes. Whatever doesn’t, stays.” This meant (and means to this day), I am not a hoarder, or a pack rat and I can move swiftly and fairly painlessly. I think as we get older it just gets harder. Add to the fact that I’d lived in my old place for almost 10.5 years and I think that’s the longest I’ve lived anywhere. Accumulating junk was easy.

Still, it was great to purge (not being a hoarder this wasn’t difficult – just labor intensive and time consuming). There were endless trips to Goodwill, selling things on Craigslist, giving stuff away on freecycle and a yard sale that honestly, in hindsight wasn’t worth the effort. But we live and learn.

Still, Bronte and I are excited to be in our new home. And the BEST part about it? My dedicated office off the garden (formerly known as the junk room but technically a sun room). And I LOVE it. I love working in here, writing in here, having fellow writers pop round and work alongside me on the sofa (Yes, I have a sofa in my office! And a coffee table!).

Bronte enjoying our room
Bronte enjoying our room




Right now it’s still a work in progress. I still need to buy a white board and we haven’t yet put my mezuzah up on the door (that’s a project this weekend and important to me!). But I love, love, love my new space. I’m surrounded by greenery (but as a good writer and thanks to advice from Stephen King’s “On Writing” book,  I always make sure my desk faces a wall). However, this place has a great vibe. I love stepping out of the house each morning and into my “office” – I feel like I’m leaving the house and going to a place of work even if it’s only a few steps out the back door into the garden.



What about you? What’s your office space like? Do you love it? What would you do to change it? Post your pictures or send me a link to your space. I love being inspired by people’s rooms.

Frazzled on Friday

39The work week may be drawing to a close, but my body seems to think it’s already the weekend. Off to a sluggish start today after a brilliant night last night with the child star and her b/f who came round for dinner. Lots of chatting and discussing and plotting and planning. All in all a good evening.

I submitted a completed article to my editor in NY yesterday but have some tweaks to make on the piece now after reading her feedback. Shouldn’t be too difficult, just need to rework some things but I’ll be doing that this weekend.

I’ve spent so much of this week looking for courses, competitions, figuring out which fiction mags to subscribe to etc. that I need to get back to focusing on actually doing some more fiction writing. I’m spending my weekend with Stephen King’s On Writing, which I’ve read several times but it’s a fantastic book and always inspires me when I’m feeling sluggish, and flexing my fictitious muscles with Roberta Allen’s five minute fiction prompts from her book Fast Fiction (which I’ve written about before on this blog). Can’t wait! I’ve discovered that many of my short stories come out of goodness knows where. I actually wrote about a dirt poor little African American girl in the deep South, something that has certainly not come from my personal memory banks. I’ve written about the Kalahari desert and multi-national corporations, divorced parents and talking castles in my fiction. No idea what is going on in my brain, but I’ve discovered I don’t like to think too hard about what to write, because when I do I seem to draw a blank when I say “What should I write about?” Then I go down that slippery slope of “I have nothing to say!” which of course isn’t true. So, more “leaving myself alone” this weekend to pull strange writing tricks out of my head.

In the meantime, with August 1 hovering on our doorstep, I’m hoping that the slow morass of July will soon be nothing more than a  31-day memory and the job boards will be filled with writing, editing, reporting, blogging positions just waiting for me to dive into and bolster my ever-depleting bank account. Bring on August, I say! Bring on the work!

More yoga stretching today – it’s taken almost a week for my body to recuperate from that masochistic gym class.


Wishing all writers a great weekend. Oh, I will also work this weekend on harnessing  yesterday’s BIG idea…

PS. I LOVE the TGIF picture at the top of my blog – but did you notice the typo????? Just wanted to let you know that as a writer, yes I did see it, but the picture was too cute to take down. Aesthetics over accuracy?